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This program "the market has been waiting for." With no sponsoring requirements, it enables online moneymakers to earn passively, if they don't want to recruit or sponsor anyone. It just keeps on going and going and... :It's the only program of its type with this groundbreaking mechanism that keeps it going no matter what, the revolutionary breakthrough makes indefinitely sustainable, ultimately overcoming the common drawbacks of other High-Yield programs.

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It is NOT an MLM where the first people at the top make all the money and the people lower down can only earn pennies. It is also NOT a matrix that promises "spillover". It is a fact that, in those types of programs, people lower down never see any spillover and most will lose their money and if they do build a downline, after a while it collapses like a series of dominoes.

Daily withdrawals:
It is NOT a company that keeps you waiting to get pay... (Or worse, runs away with your money!) You are not required to do any selling, create a website, build a list, or do anything most people find difficult.

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Program is designed to make it as easy as possible for all business owners to succeed! With the ad pack click systems, you have Advertising + Earning Potential, by your own advertising fruition, by referring others or for extra advertising + earning potential, choose to do both.

Your Sales to Affiliates
Earn up to 10% for every Ad Pack click your 1st Level Affiliate Referral purchases, up to $5000 per referral.
Earn up to 5% for every Ad Pack click your 2nd Level Affiliate Referral purchases, up to $2500 per referral.
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With most money making programs, when members log into their accounts, they see that "nothing has changed" for days, weeks, or even months. They don't see any recent earnings. They interpret this as "nothing is happening" and it can have a devastating psychological effect on them. Compare this with ours, where "something happens" every day.

Your Daily Sales Commissions are added to your account every day. You can log into your account every day and see that "something has happened" -- earnings have been added to your account. Most likely this has a strong, uplifting psychological effect on most members and can also provide strong motivation to take further action, such as buying more Ad Pack Click and sponsoring other people.

Members can increase Daily Sales Commissions (DSC) by 400% in the “Same Amount of Time” that it takes to earn 150% on an Ad Pack.
The 400% Strategy applies to the New MONSOON System that pays 110% in 64 days.
It's true! Here's how it works:
When Members spend 100% of their DSC each day to Re-Purchase more Ad or Media Packs, the DSC will grow at an increased rate. It’s called the “Compounding Effect.” Take a look at the example below (verified by the OUR Automatic Calculator):

Member spends $1,000 to buy 100 Ad Packs that Earn 2% DSC
Each Ad Pack earns $0.20, so 100 Ad Packs earn a total of $20 a day
Each New Ad Pack Click purchased will also earn $0.20 a day 
On Day 43 the Daily Earnings have doubled to over $40
Total Active Ad Packs are now 203 (increase of 200%)

Add Click Online Daily Earnings Chart 01

On Day 84 the Daily Earnings have quadrupled to over $80
Total Active Ad Packs Click are now over 400 (increase of 400%)

Add Click Online Daily Earnings Video Chart 02

In this example, Member starts with 100 Ad Packs Click online. Then each day Member uses the 2% DSC to Re-Purchase More New Ad Packs.

In the amount of time it takes for a 2% DSC Ad Pack Click to earn back the full 150% (88 days), a Member can increase the total number of Active Ad Packs and the Daily Sales Commissions by 400% by Re-Purchasing with their Daily Earnings.

This is where the 400% Strategy gets Really Exciting!

Because of the Variable DSC Rate Program (2% to 10% per day), Members can use the 400% Strategy to increase total Ad Packs Click and DSC EVEN FASTER when they Re-Purchase New Ad Packs Click with their Daily Earnings:

At 3% DSC, it takes 60 Days to reach 400% Increase
At 4% DSC, it takes 44 Days to reach 400% Increase
At 5% DSC, it takes 35 Days to reach 400% Increase
At 6% DSC, it takes 30 Days to reach 400% Increase
At 7% DSC, it takes 25 Days to reach 400% Increase
At 8% DSC, it takes 22 Days to reach 400% Increase
At 9% DSC, it takes 20 Days to reach 400% Increase
At 10% DSC, it takes 18 Days to reach 400% Increase

This Simple Strategy gives our Members the ability to Increase the Total Number of Active Ad Packs Click online and Media Packs by 400% in a very short period of time!

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